Volunteer Note from 4/1/20

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to thank you for volunteering and I appreciate all the work you are doing.  We have 26 volunteers assigned to 636 Seniors.  That is approximately 21% of the Senior population – congratulations!

Some of the feedback:

  1. People are grateful
  2. They appreciate being called and talking to a person
  3. The robocalling was too fast and they could not write down the information
  4. They do not look at the Town website
  5. They are just learning how to shop online
  6. They find that web resources are difficult to navigate
  7. They have not received a robocall from the Town
  8. They have never interacted with the Council on Aging
  9. They are scared
  10. They are feeling lonely

Please share any feedback you have received with me.  Please also share your sources for good phone numbers/contact information so that we can all attempt to utilize them.

New tabs on the spreadsheet: Directions, List of Volunteers

I really need your help recruiting; the best volunteers are the people you know.


Thank you for your hard work,  as always, suggestions welcome.

Keep it Virtual,




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