Volunteer Note from 4/2/20

Hello Team,

What a highly productive week we have had!  First, we want to thank all of you for giving up your personal time to make this happen.  765 (26%) seniors have been assigned to 43 volunteers.  We are stepping up the recruiting efforts and I would appreciate your help!  Please reach out to 2 people you know in Town who might be able to call 10-15 people each week for the next several weeks.

Please make sure you have had an opportunity to read the latest questionnaire.  It should help you break the ice as you invite communication.

Please share your success stories with the group.

Someone asked about what we call this group so unless people object – Neighbors4Seniors.

Loneliness and Isolation can be fatal for seniors.  I want to bring to your attention the results of a study of 1600 adults over 60 who were asked if they felt lonely or excluded:

  • 43% or 688 said often or some of the time
  • 912 who did not feel lonely were tracked for 6 years, during which they noted no significant changes in feelings of loneliness.
  • For the 688 who previously reported feeling lonely had significant decline in their health and ability to function.
  • 25% of adults who reported feeling lonely also reported that they had trouble carrying out activities of daily living. Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) include bathing, dressing, grooming, eating and getting in and out of bed.
  • 12.5% of adults who were not lonely reported such declines.
  • In 1992 a study followed 2,000 heart patients. It revealed that relative mortality rates more than tripled among adults who had neither a confidant nor partner, compared to those who had one, the other, or both.

You are an important part of keeping people healthy and safe!

Keep it Virtual and thank you again.  All advice welcome!



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